Remnants of Cromm


The lands of Cromm were once a beautiful landscape of rolling grasslands and amazing peaks and breathtaking forests. It is no longer so. Instead the grass is replaced with scorched dirt, the trees replaced with crystals with gaping ravines. The rivers have run dry and the fields of wildflowers have perished under an unforgiving sun. These vast regions of land devastated by war are now known as the Badlands and expand across nearly all Torren.

The Badlands are now a deadly land full of ruin and danger. Countless cities lay silent and untouched, where millions once lived. To the west, there is intense, unstable levels of Dark magic that still taints the lands. This dark magic has a corrupting effect on all life, and grows more severe the longer the exposure. In the East there is lingering radiation from the weapons of war that devastated the civilization. This radiation has a deteriorating effect on living elements, causing horrid mutations that can cause malformation and death.

These two major elements have caused the death of many, and ensured that survivors do not remain out of their cities for long. But there are even more dangerous forces that give the people good reason to stay within their walls.